• Verified

    What good is a closed non-profit or a wrong phone number? Exactly. Our team takes pride in the extensive research we conduct to not only verify but also condense the information we find, making it a truly stress-free experience.

  • Vetted

    Each and every single organization listed on out site has passed through several stages of rigorous background checks. This is just part of our effort to give you the ultimate Worldizen volunteering experience.

  • Innovative

    Worldizen is a revolutionary way of finding volunteer opportunities. Fusing together our aggregating engine, research, and volunteering, we ensure the quality of our opportunities and our information.

Worldizen Volunteering

Our aim is to create a citizen that’s aware of the world - a Worldizen. At the core of our mission is our extensively vetted directory of community service opportunities. With hundreds of opportunities across twelve different categories, there’s something for everyone. Click the city you want below and start volunteering. It’s that easy.

Our Vision

Our name embodies where we aim to go: international, to be a change agent for the global community.  Worldizen aims to upend the status quo of volunteering by providing a ever changing and minimalistic experience, for our users that means fusing modern design and dynamic utility.  In the end we aim to make giving back easier, faster, and better than ever before.

Worldizen Student Initiative (WSI)

The WSI is our way of helping new student social entrepreneurs launch and expand their innovative ideas.  Current projects include Heroes Together, founded by Harrison Koeppel, this is a new approach to preventing veteran suicides, and Traveling Tutors, founded by Lou Conseil, this is a fresh take on tutoring programs with unique subjects and lesson plans.

Our Team

Alex Wong
Jonny Haldas
Volunteer Experience Engineer
Amanda Frank
Community Outreach
Charmane Gabriel
Community Outreach
Jonathon Horbund
Social Media Communications
Sarah Sadati
Community Outreach
Harry Allenby
Aggregator Engineer
Talia Chachkes
Content Creator